Pneumatic modular instrumentation

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AR20-N01E-Z Modular Style Pneumatic Regulator with Gauge 7-125PSI


This regulator with PSI gauge is used with very little signs of wear and is in good, clean working condition.

It was removed from a working, practically new, machine that was custom-built by Tri-Power Design for a large pharmaceutical company that shut down an R&D operation soon after this machine was purchased. It seems it was delivered to the company some time around May 2013, and we purchased it in June of 2014, so it was only in the facility for around a year or so.


Manufacturer: SMC

Model: AR20-N01E-Z

Manufacturers Specifications

Size: 20 (1/8)

Thread:N (NPT)

Port Size: 01 (1/8)

Accessory: E (Square Recessed Pressure Gauge)

Modular Style Pneumatic Regulator,

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